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As part of the SONX Förderwettbewerb für Neues we started our audio project “U-R” in 2021.

The audio piece “U-R” deals with the blurred areas around and between genders and focuses on inter, trans and genderqueer perspectives. The audio piece will be published in several episodes that playfully combine different text and sound forms.

Languages: English and German.

All episodes are released as mp3 on SoundCloud and Spotify, and with an accompanying video for subtitles and translations on YouTube.

Photo of a dark room. In the middle there is a screen on which text is projected using a projector. The text is: Rainbowdash, I'm trying to find out who I am and I keep coming across you in my mind. Rainbowdash, while trying to find out who I am, I'm always ending up with the thought of you again. Computer typing sounds, keyboard typing sounds. In the foreground you can see the silhouettes of people looking at the screen.
Photo of a screen on which text is projected using a projector. The text is: What makes a woman or a man now if gender roles are only socially constructed? What makes a woman or a man, if gender roles are only a social construct? Womb sounds, uterine sounds. The room around the projector is dark.
  • YouTube
  • Soundcloud
  • Spotify

1 Geburt/Birth

Content Warning: Discussions about physical harm to intersex babies.

When does gender begin? "It's strange but also kind of beautiful, one person making another person - What? Wow! But it's scary and painful." -Alien

2 Kindheit/Childhood

Content warning: death of a parent

What genders did you have in your childhood fantasies? "They were just such small fragments that didn't fit into my life at all at the time." -Remo

3 Labels

Who are you? What are you?“At some point I met a trans person. And I have never felt so connected to anyone.” -Living Smile Vidya


The languages of the audio piece are German and English.

On YouTube you can find a version with subtitles and translations from German to English and vice versa. The audio is also available on Spotify and Soundcloud.

On our website, you will find 3 PDF files for each episode. A one-to-one transcription of the audio, a German translation and an English translation. The PDF files can also be read with a screen reader. If you have any feedback or questions, please contact us via our website.

Thanks for the support to:

SONX Förderwettbewerb für Neues / Burni Aman, Kay WIEOIMMER andFupaMagic for overseeing the first episodes / Bee, Alien, Eddie Ramirez, Urs Vanessa (InterAction Switzerland), Buo, Remo and Living Smile Vidya for sharing their experiences in the interviews.

Photo of Mischa and Ra at an awards ceremony. They are seen from the knees up, holding bouquets of flowers and smiling. Mischa is wearing a long-sleeved, striped top and vest, Ra is wearing a sweater and a denim skirt. Ra holds a red folder with a picture of a hand on it - the prize certificate.

Photos: Susanna Drescher

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